endless possibilities.

Our mission is to make it possible for any community to make recycling a job creator, profit generator, and a beneficial piece of infrastructure.


Poly systems are capable of making nearly any product you can think of - everything from custom tiles to packaging components, and so much more. They can be used as a tool for engagement in your community - from education to employment opportunities, the possibilities are endless.

Using a Poly mould to create products

Easy to Operate

Poly machines are user-friendly and easy to operate, with simple controls and a straightforward production process.

Employee working in a Poly operation

Designed for Employment

The Poly production process is designed for maximum employment potential, with opportunities for employment through collection, manufacturing and selling.

Flower pot produced by Poly

flexible and customizable

Poly systems open up a wide range of possibilities to create products based on the needs of your community. With endless mould options, the possibilities are infinite.

Poly systems are designed to be adapted to your needs. Whether you’re trying to improve your community’s recycling, are looking to make useful products, or are looking for an experiential learning tool, a Poly system could be the perfect fit. With so many possible use cases, there’s no end to what you can do with a system.

We’re here to assist you in every step of the process, from your first inquiry until you’re successfully operating a Poly system.

Business planning clipboard with time

Business Planning

We help you set up the logistics of your Poly system, from building partnerships in your community to setting up your plastic collection process.

Product ruler


We give you the tools you need to choose a product to produce that is the right fit for your community. You can make anything with a Poly system, from flower pots to table tops.

Funding coin


There are many ways to raise funding for your Poly system - from government grants, to community funds, to capital investments. We help you find the best option for you and get your started in the application process.

Build and ship map

build and ship

We’ve got you covered! We take care of building and shipping your Poly system to wherever you are.

Training figure


When your system arrives, our team will give you all the training you need to operate and maintain your system.

 if your looking to chat about the possibilities of a poly system, send us an email! our representatives will get back to you shortly.